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What kind of system do I need to have to use SAP Fiori?

SAP has converted more than 1000 of its existing transaction codes to Fiori, however there are certain conditions for being able to use them all. For the majority of these screens to be usable, a HANA database is required, as the transaction codes that are generally used for analytic reporting have been converted to Fiori. The other approximately 200-300 transaction codes can work on any database. They are generally usable in ERP 6.0 and later versions at the system level.

Fiori can be installed on systems without any license fee. For this, first a basis setup, gateway server, back-end server and front-end server are required. After that, each application and the necessary components that are wanted to be used can be downloaded and used. Besides that, there is no need for any preparation or cost.

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