e-Delivery Note

The e-Delivery Note application to be implemented by Revenue Administration in 2017 will be a solution that will provide great efficiency in terms of control and security, as well as the convenience it provides to the user by transferring the paper invoice process to the electronic environment. According to the 213th article of the Turkish Commercial Code, e-Delivery Note will include all the information on the paper invoice, as well as the information of the driver and the vehicle carrying out the transport, and it will plan to eliminate user errors and security vulnerabilities, thus adding speed and functionality to the current process. e-Delivery Note has the same legal validity and features as the current paper invoice.
Full Integration

TeamPro e-Delivery Note Solution provides a seamless integration between the SAP system, the customer side and the Revenue Administration.

Full support

TeamPro provides support at all points in the e-Delivery Note transition and usage processes with its references to previously created e-Transformation projects.

Fast Process

With the e-Delivery Note application, paper-based and transmitted waybills are replaced by electronically transmitted ones that are faster and more secure to the recipient.

Low Investment and Maintenance Cost

TeamPro e-Delivery Note Solution is a project that can be implemented with minimum investment and maintenance costs. With the budget-friendly TeamPro e-Deliver Note Solution, you can take control of the process.

Legal Ground

e-Delivery Note was opened for use in 2017 without any mandatory scope specified. It has Revenue Administration at its center and has all the legal validity of a paper invoice.


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