The e-Archive Application is a application that covers the electronic creation of invoices according to standards set by the Revenue Administration, as well as the electronic storage, submission and reporting.

Those taxpayers who wish to benefit from the e-Archive Application must first be registered in the e-invoice application. Within the scope of e-Archive, taxpayers send the invoice they have created to the other party in electronic or paper format, but they store the second copy of the invoice in electronic format with a financial seal or electronic signature.


e-Invoice and other invoices can be queried in a single system.

Nature friendly

Paper controls are completely eliminated in invoice follow-ups.

Full support

TeamPro not only provides technical support, but also helps with preparing, sending and tracking your application documents.

Low Investment and Maintenance Cost

It also eliminates the cost of sending paper invoices and minimizes the operational burdens arising from the invoice.


No need to print, store, and send invoices on paper. This way, it provides great savings in time, effort, resources, and archiving for all companies that issue a large number of invoices to their corporate or individual customers.


e-Archive records are entered into the e-Ledger as a single record.

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