SAP Application Consulting

SAP History

It is Europe’s largest software company, founded in Mannheim, Germany under the name of “Systems Analysis and Program Development” by five people who left IBM in 1972. It provides corporate business software solutions to SMEs, large-scale, and global companies operating in more than 120 countries around the world and with a wide usage rate in our country.

SAP Evolution

S/4HANA – Next generation ERP

While S/4 points to simplicity, it comes from HANA – “High Performance Analytic Appliance” – and, as you can understand from its definition, it is the new generation product of SAP that allows for data to be read from in-memory on a column-based basis with high performance on the application’s own hardware.

With its core structure and smart algorithms, the new generation ERP brings together employees, customers, professional business opportunities, big data, the Internet of Things, and more.

ERP and Digital Transformation

By connecting your processes company-wide, you can both better manage your business and help your team to control costs and scale effectively.

S/4 HANA Production Operations

Human Resources

Give your employees and managers the chance to both grow and develop their own careers and their teams, empowering them.

Customer Interaction and Commerce: SAP C/4HANA

Gain the loyalty of your customers and improve your sales, service, and marketing processes.

Business Analytics Solutions

Observe the developments of today, predict the results of the future, and strengthen your decision-making mechanism by taking smart decisions without wasting time.

SAP Products

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