E-invoicing is an electronic document which contains the information that must be included in a invoice according to the Value Added Tax Law, and is transmitted between the seller and the buyer through a central platform. E-invoicing is not a new type of document, but has the same legal qualities as a paper invoice. The e-invoicing application managed by the Revenue Administration has the aim of creating a secure, time and cost saving system between the seller and the buyer according to a single format and standard.
Full Integration

TeamPro e-Invoice Solution provides full compatibility between SAP and Non-SAP systems and Revenue Administration.


e-Invoice has been made compulsory for companies of certain sectors and sizes by the Ministry of Finance. In addition, non-mandatory companies are also switching to e-Invoice due to many advantages.

Low Investment and Maintenance Cost

The TeamPro e-Invoice solution does not require a new SAP license. You can have TeamPro e-Ledger Solution with minimum investment and maintenance costs.

Full support

TeamPro not only provides technical support, but also helps with preparing, sending and tracking your application documents.


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