T-Produce SAP Mobile Production Confirmation Application

What is it?

T-Produce is a SAP Fiori based production confirmation application.

With this application, staff can confirm production, reprocessing, and scrap, and can make warehouse transfers. Staff can view the stock status of materials, send materials to quarantine, or remove them from quarantine. Staff can open a fault report. They can enter production stands into the system.

How it works?


  1. The staff logs into the system with the username and password given to them.
  2. Lists open work orders. Selects a work order from the list.
  3. Provides production confirmation by entering information such as production amount, shift, and overtime.
  4. Sees material stock information and makes warehouse transfer.
  5. Sends the material to quarantine.
  6. Opens fault notification.
  7. Enters the production stop.

What are its features?

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