T-Supplier SAP Supplier Portal

What is it?

T-Supplier is a SAP Fiori based supplier management portal.

With this portal, suppliers can view purchase orders opened in their name on the system. They can determine the delivery times of orders. They can enter the order shipment information. They can attach the labels set by the company to the shipments.

The company can view the suppliers’ order delivery times with the help of this portal. They can perform goods acceptance processes based on the shipment information.

How it works?


  1. Suppliers logs into the system with the username and password given to them.
  2. They can view and enter delivery times for purchase orders opened and approved in their name.
  3. After the delivery dates are approved by the buyer, the shipment step is started.
  4. The supplier fills in the ASN information.
  5. They stick the labels they get from the system on the shipments and start the shipment process.


  1. The company sees the delivery times entered by the supplier and can approve/reject them. 
  2. Sees shipping information for approved deliveries. 
  3. They perform goods acceptance processes through the relevant labels when the shipment arrives.

What are its features?

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