T-Maintenance SAP Mobile Maintenance Solution

What is it?

T-Maintenance is a SAP Fiori based mobile plant and maintenance management application.

With this application, plant and maintenance employees can instantly see the malfunction notification in any location, intervene in the malfunction and make fast data entry.

The company can track its maintenance and repair workers in the field in real time, and have consistent and accurate data thanks to the data entered instantly. It closely monitors the performance of its employees and increases employee productivity to a high level.

How it works?


  1. The staff logs into the system with the username and password given to them.
  2. The staff can view assigned maintenance and repair notifications and maintenance and repair orders.
  3. Notification or order is selected from the list. Necessary actions are taken.
  4. Staff; enters the materials used for maintenance.
  5. The staff can enter information such as maintenance cause codes and fault codes.
  6. Enters the information of other staff performing maintenance with him.
  7. Enters the effort for maintenance.
  8. Enters the measurement value into the equipment or technical unit.

What are its features?

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