The e-Ledger is a legal and technical framework aimed at ensuring the preparation of ledgers in electronic file format in accordance with the format and standards announced on this site, their storage without printing, the guarantee of their immutability, integrity and accuracy of source, and their use as a proof of evidence before the relevant parties.
Full Compatibility

TeamPro e-Ledger Solution is approved by the Revenue Administration.


The e-Ledger was made compulsory by the Ministry of Finance for certain sectors and companies of a certain size. In addition, many non-compulsory companies are also transitioning to the e-Ledger due to its many advantages.

Full support

TeamPro not only provides technical support, but also helps with preparing, sending and tracking your application documents.

Low Investment and Maintenance Cost

The TeamPro e-Ledger solution does not require a new SAP license. You can have TeamPro e-Ledger Solution with minimum investment and maintenance costs.

Legally Approved

Legally required ledger to be kept, such as notarization and printing on paper, are now coming to an end. In the new system, legal ledgers such as Daily Journal and General will now be kept electronically.


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